Dosage Omega 3 Fish Oil – Discover the Recommended Daily Dosage of Omega 3 Fish Oil

It is now a widely known fact that we all need omega 3 for maintaining our health. But do we know what dosage of omega 3 fish oil is right for us? Just consuming fish oil daily is not enough, you need to consume the right dosage of omega 3 fish oils for remarkable results.

There are various forms of omega 3 supplements available in the market. The most natural and commonly used form is omega 3 fish oil.

While our body absolutely needs both EPA and DHA fatty acids present in fish oils, we still do not know the exact quantity or dosage of omega 3 fish oil needed. Several researches have been conducted in this regard.

The recommended daily dosage of omega 3 fish oil depends on various factors. The first and most important factor is your health needs.

Are you suffering from cardiovascular diseases or cancer? Do you have joint pain or skin allergies? These are some of the questions you need to answer before deciding the right dosage of omega 3 fish oil.

The World Health Organizations recommends up to 900mg or 3 grams RAD 140 benefits of fish oil daily for heart patients and people suffering from cancer. However, for healthy people one gram or 300 to 500mg of omega 3 is sufficient on a daily basis.

It is difficult to define a standard or set dosage of omega 3 fish oil that works for everyone. This is because both EPA and DHA fatty acids are macronutrients that are required in different amounts by different individuals.

Another factor that needs to be considered while deciding a dosage of Omega 3 Fish oil is the content of all fish oil supplements. Not all fish oils are created equal and you need to choose a supplement with the highest amount of DHA and EPA fats.

Fish oil obtained from the Hoki fish has 40% higher DHA content than other oils. Hoki is a cold-water species that comes from the pristine and clear waters of New Zealand and has naturally high levels of both DHA and EPA fatty acids.

Taking the right dosage of Omega 3 fish oil increases the rate of metabolism in our body creating free radic

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