Mens Diamond Earrings

Mens diamond earrings have remained a customary piece of men’s jewelry since long. Though usage of jewelry by men folk has remained a somewhat contentious issue, studs style earrings are both acceptable and popular among men.

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Elegance is always understated and stud style mens diamond earrings are a best example of understated elegance.

Moreover, stud earrings stand the test of time and never go out of fashion. So your investment keeps giving returns even in the long run.

Also, stud earrings are unisex in nature and both the man and his spouse can use it commonly.

Stud style mens diamond earrings are the ideal kind of earring to start with if you are just beginning to wear earrings since the small size and basic styles of the stud do not draw too much attention to themselves. This makes them appropriate for any attire or occasion, be it a formal party or a casual gathering.

Studs are light-weight and small. Furthermore, studs hug yourメンズピアス ear without dangling keeping you comfortable all the time while wearing them.

Alternatively if you want your diamond stud earring to be showy you can opt for a big carat size diamond which will attract lot of interest.

Magnetic studs are a neat option if you don’t like the idea of piercing your ears? Powerful magnets hold this simple stud firmly in place eliminating the need to pierce your ears

Depending upon the quality of chosen diamonds and the type of metal they are set in, the price tag of a stud style mens diamond earring varies. You can opt for white gold diamond studs, or yellow gold diamond studs, or Platinum diamond studs as per your desire.

Than, there are three prong and four prong stud style mens diamond earrings available for your choice. Prong setting is said to be the most secure for gemstones and at the same time it permits more light to enter the diamond drawing attention to its intensity and luster. Prong setting showcases diamonds perfectly while holding the diamond snuggly in place and permitting more of the stone to remain visible.

White color is the best and safest option but you can also examine the black colored studs which look fabulous and go well with most types of clothing.

There is a lot of confusion circulating about sporting the mens diamond earring in one ear or both ears, in the left ear or the right ear. It is totally a matter of personal choice and what suits you the best.

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