What is a Good Bodybuilding Workout? – Skinny Guy Workout Secrets to Build Muscle

Skinny guys and hardgainers who are looking to gain muscle mass often wonder “what is a good bodybuilding workout?” Unfortunately much of the establishment fitness press doesn’t provide good workouts for the skinny guy who struggles to gain weight and muscle.

If this is your situation and you are frustrated at not seeing any significant muscle gains, then don’t worry as there are some simple things that you should know when planning a good bodybuilding workout to ensure that you are doing what is best for your body type.

Skinny Guy Bodybuilding Workout Secret #1 – Compound Exercises

The first thing to consider when thinking about what is a good bodybuilding workout is the need to focus on a core set of compound exercises. These will get you working multiple muscle groups at the same time and prevent fatiguing and over-training on the smaller isolated muscles.

Compound exercises are simply the best way to build muscle mass and should be the focus of any skinny guy’s bodybuilding workout. They allow you to¬† best site to buy sarms uk heavier weights per exercise and get more bang for your muscle building buck.

Skinny Guy Bodybuilding Workout Secret #2 – Don’t Split Your Workouts

If you’ve ever followed a workout from the magazines then you probably fell into the trap of working one body part each day, and therefore spending about 6 days a week in the gym.

Now, while this method has its merits, if you’re a skinny hardgainer it is not the best approach. The reason I say this is that by splitting your workouts you generally only work each body part once per week…now, don’t you think that you would gain a lot more muscle mass if you were working each body part 3 times a week instead of one?

A good muscle building workout is focused on 3 all-body workouts per week, with at least a day’s rest in between. This ensure that you work each body part equally and allow them sufficient time to rest and grow.

Skinny Guy Bodybuilding Workout Secret #3 – Heavy Weights and Low Volume

The third secret that makes a good workout is the use of heavy weights on low numbers of reps. If you’re doing a lot of reps that means the weight is too light and you are not going to see as much muscle gain as you could.

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